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Magtek Products


Magtek Pin Product provides pin pad for any need regarding Electronic Fund Transfer (Financial Purpose).

Magtek Pin Products list:



  • Easily verify customer identity at the teller window
  • 3-track magnetic stripe reader reads ISO-standard cards and AAMVA driver's licenses
  • Interacts with customers using two-line LCD
  • Software drivers for Windows 95 and Windows NT
  • Choose from RS-232 or PC keyboard wedge interfaces
  • Secure and tamperproof; protects PIN encryption keys per ANSI 9.8
  • Graphics make swiping easy for customers
  • Small and stylized; conserves premium counter space
  • Supports both DUKPT and Mastersession key management schemes Up
  • MCAT:


    • Instant bank card issuance with customer-selected PINs
    • Hi-Co and Lo-Co in one unit provides a migration path to Hi-Co at your convenience
    • Hi-Co encoding allows you to issue unerasable cards
    • Customers can use their cards immediately
    • Advanced encryption algorithms protect PIN security
    • Supports both DES and Diebold encryption algorithms Up






    • Create, manage and monitor your card issuing program using the powerful IntellCAT software suite
    • Instantly issue bank cards with customer-selected PINs
    • Manage unlimited authorized users
    • Create easy-to-use data entry screens for your users
    • Advanced encryption algorithms protect PIN security
    • Supports DES, Triple DES and Diebold encryption algorithms
    • Encodes unerasable HiCo cards Up

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